Meant as it’s name says for people that work sitting down (no matter of the age). They don’t take up much time. 13 Exercises, each is about 40 sec. long. You don’t need any special equipment, and all you need is 8 minutes of your time and some good will. After that you will fill less stiff, more nimble a cheerful. Exercise them 1-2 time a day and that is that.


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The new DVD from the workshop of Tonći Šitić, who this time shows us exercises for stretching. It is useful for those who are already attending therapy and are somehow involved in the rehabilitation process. It is also important for people that involved in sports to prevent injuries.


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This DVD “Exercises for spine – medical gymnastic in 23 steps” continues where the last CD left off, it shows 23 carefully selected exercises, where the user can identify himself while doing them, they don’t need any special equipment or clothes, they can be done almost anywhere from you home to the gym, which is extremely important and is only product of it’s kind which is recommended by Croatian Society of Physiotherapists.


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This is the logical continuation of the “Exercises for spine” DVD which was greatly adopted. Most of the questions were how to exercise the legs correctly, how to have an reminder after learning the exercises, and which exercises to do for which leg problems.


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Seminar in the organization of the Croatian association on improving work safety
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In the organization of the Croatian association on improving work safety ( on the 28th of September a council was held on the topics following topics:

“The procedures of the employer during work related injuries”, Sandra Palić, dipl. Iur.

“Methods of physical exercises during short breaks while working on a computer” Tonći Sitić, vft

“The results of systematic medical examinations of employees of the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla”, Dr. Božena Kuk, spec. work medicine

There were about 80 leading experts in work safety from Croatia’s big companies, and it took place in the Ericsson Nikola Tesla conference room, Krapinska 45 Zagreb.

I bring you the atmosphere through a few photos.

Throughout the courses the importance of proper sitting, doing special exercises on a regular basis while working on a computer (guided by the new regulations for working on a computer) and the demonstration of such exercises. Statistics were shown of specific painful conditions of the spine that mostly happen to people who work in the sitting down position.


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